Logos 4 Training Videos was created entirely by accident. When Logos 4 was first released, I loved it! Although I’d been using Logos 2 (aka LLS) and Logos 3 (aka Libronix) for about 10 years, Logos 4 simply blew me away. I appreciated it so much, I downloaded some free software and made a short little video that I hoped would help people make the adjustment to Logos 4. A few months later I made four more videos on some of the features I was most excited about (Collections and Prioritising).

In the meantime, dozens (perhaps hundreds) of other Logos users were busy creating user-documentation on the Wiki and discussing ways in which we could get even more out of Logos on the forums. As I learned more from them, I realised that videos would be a great way to pass on their help to people who weren’t able to keep up with the constantly updated Wiki and forums. And therefore the Unofficial Logos Tutorial Videos were born, and moved to this dedicated site in March 2011.

The ‘unofficial’ in the title means that the videos are not produced or endorsed by Logos (though they have linked to some of them on their blog). All of the videos have been created by me, Mark Barnes. I’m the pastor of Bethel Evangelical Church near Swansea, in Wales; IT Officer for the Evangelical Movement of Wales; part-time lecturer and post-graduate student at WEST; and (in my spare time!) a Logos Forum MVP. I am originally from Wrexham in North Wales, was converted in 1990 on a youth camp, and felt the first draw towards full-time Christian work in my late teens. Soon afterwards I was encouraged by my pastor to begin to preach, and, in 1999, after discovering I knew far less about the Bible than I thought I did, enrolled in Bible College. I bought my first Logos product a few months later (the Word Biblical Commentary series, if I recall).

If you want to contact me, you can use the contact form on my blog. But if you have a comment on the videos, I’d encourage you to leave a public comment on this website. And if you have a question about using Logos, I’d ask you to ask the question on the Logos forums. That way, everyone can benefit from your question.

The videos themselves are recorded in full HD (1280×720), so they should be nice and clear if you maximise them, or project them so a whole class can view them. All the videos are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License. That means that you’re free to do whatever you wish with the videos, with only two caveats. You’re not allowed to make money from them (e.g. by selling them to others), and if you edit the videos and share your changes with others, you keep the same licence. But you’re free to download the videos, make copies, share them with your friends, show them in a classroom, etc. (Showing the videos in schools, seminaries and churches is considered non-commercial use.)