16 – Prioritizing

In this video we look at prioritising. First the basics: why prioritizing is so useful, and how to prioritize very easily. From there I suggest three rules to help you know which resources to prioritize, and three hints to make prioritization work in the way you want. We also cover prioritizing series and/or individual volumes. Finally we finish by looking at advanced prioritization, which allows us to restrict our prioritization to particular types, ranges or resources.

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10 Responses to 16 – Prioritizing

  1. Steve Clark says:

    Excellent video again! You covered everything in a logical order including Advanced Prioritization.


  2. Ted says:

    Thanks Mark! Helpful tips, especially books with only page numbers and how to use advanced

  3. Robert Ogden says:

    Thanks for the videos, Mark! I just bought the program and your work has unlocked a lot of powerful tools and features. I look forward to learning more from your future videos!

  4. Paul Kelly says:

    Thank you for showing us how to make the best use of Logos.

  5. Cynthia Ventura says:

    Mark, I can’t thank you enough for these wonderful videos. After I upgraded to Logos 4 I was lost and found that I wasn’t using it as often for my Bible study because I was just too confused. I had all these terrific resources but was so frustrated because I didn’t understand the new interface. But thanks to your videos (I’m still working my way through them, albeit a bit backwards), I have been able to jump back into Logos and instead of frustration I now feel satisfaction with what I have been able to accomplish thanks to you!

    I have one question: Since I started at the end of your videos (Prioritizing) I am hoping you have covered how to link resources as this is one point that would make my Bible Study that much more enjoyable. Have you and if so, in which video? Thank you again.

  6. Mark Barnes says:

    Linking resources is covered in #14 Layouts. I’d also recommend watching the First Steps and Reverse Interlinear videos, as they’re foundational for a lot else.

  7. Robert Iversen says:

    Excellent, excellent stuff. I highly recommend this and other videos. Some of the best, smoothest, and well thought out presentations. I think Logos should pay him to do more of these for them.

  8. Excellent help. Thank you.

  9. Tim Branton says:


    Super job. Have had Logos 4 since right after it came out but have not made much use of it. Still hanging on to version 3 but trying to get my feet wet a little at a time. Great video and I hope to check out others as my time permits.
    Thanks for your labor of love for God’s people.

  10. Matt McGill says:

    Thanks for taking the time!
    This is the first video of yours I’ve watched…I’m going to go back and watch the others.

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