15 – The Library

In this video we take a more detailed look at the library: choosing what information we want to display, how we can filter the library using the various library fields, how we can select, rate and tag multiple resources, how we can edit resource titles, how we can hide resources we don’t use, and finally how we can add resources to the shortcut bar for easy access.

I also recommend tagging all of your Bible commentaries. This list of suggestions for which tags to use for which commentaries might save you some time:

[vimeo type=video id=20571710]

3 Responses to 15 – The Library

  1. Gary Pajos says:

    This was fabulous. You really improved my usage of L4.

  2. Paul Kelly says:

    Thank you very much; this was most helpful and informative. You made a lot of things available that are not immediately evident.

  3. Ed Gaglardi says:

    What a great product. Thank you for doing this wonderful service.

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