4 – Searching

This video covers the most commonly used search features in Basic and Bible searches. We look at the different search views, at topics and reading lists, and phrase-searching and wildcards. We show how to limit the search to part of your library, or to a part of the Bible. The search operators AND, OR, ANDNOT and NEAR are introduced, and we look at how to search in Greek or Hebrew.

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14 Responses to 4 – Searching

  1. Greg Crocker says:

    Thank you! Very Helpful

  2. Lonnie Ritchie says:

    Thanks for this informative and enlightening look into how to do searches in Logos 4.

  3. Vicki Osborn says:

    very good.

  4. Rick Abshier says:

    Thanks so much!

  5. SAM WEST says:


  6. Dan Cutler says:

    Excellent! In my opinion, very helpful,…. very clear, easy to understand and comprehensive. Thank you so much and may God bless you for your service to his church.

  7. Dennis Audet says:

    Greetings Mark, ET AL,
    When you say that the scope of the NEAR search operator is 48 characters maximum, would you please clarify further if you can. This is certainly a minor point however I am curious. The 48 maximum character count, is that from the beginning of the first search word to the end of the second search word, or from the end of the first word to the begonning of the second search word, or from the beginning of the first search word to the beginning of the second search word, or from the end of the first search word to the end of the second search word, or what? I beleive it should be one of these four conditions and the or what is not real – I am not really nuts, just NEAR nuts (LOL). Reply requested…..

  8. Marcus Denny says:

    Simply want to affirm along with the rest that these tutorials are truly a blessing. Logos 4 is incredibly powerful, but to really grasp how much you can accomplish with it, for people like me, these videos are priceless. So thankful and encouraged that you have chosen to serve this way. I’ll be recommending these to my fellow laborers. Thank you Mark!

  9. Gradon Schaub says:

    This was extremely helpful and will make my Bible study time so much more productive! Thanks so much!

  10. TrollMaster says:

    Wonderful explanation of some of the intricacies of searching, Pastor Mark. Thank you.

  11. Carmen says:

    That was brilliant. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. As a mature student, one who recently purchased Logos, I am still learning my way around. Having these tutorials available are a gift to me.

  12. Bootjack says:

    Mark, this is more than appreciated. If you’ve got new material that you’re thinking of posting, let’er rip!!!

  13. Valentine Fadayomi says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Its such a blessing

  14. Jean-Marc Flückiger says:

    Thank you Mark, you deserve a monument!
    God bless.

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