3 – Bible Facts

This video covers Biblical People, Biblical Places, and Biblical Things. It shows how to access these tools, and how to use them, including power tips such as zooming and measuring distances.

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9 Responses to 3 – Bible Facts

  1. Lonnie Ritchie says:

    More good stuff.

  2. Cynthia says:

    Thanks so much for these videos! They are they best and most informative I have seen thus far. Loving them! Thanks!!!

  3. Vicki Osborn says:

    These videos are very helpful. Thank you

  4. Rick Abshier says:

    Very nice – thank you!

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  6. Jonathan Noyes says:

    Well done Brother. Thank you for taking the time and putting forth the effort in compiling these videos. They are helping me dig deeper into the Word every day. Keep it up!!

  7. I think your videos are a great help to learn how to use Logos4. Especially the “Bible Facts” are very informative and show the power of Logos4. BUT when I tried to do the same in my Logos4, I found out , that I cannot follow, because there are NO Bible Facts. To say it more clearly, in the Tools menu “Bible Facts” is mentioned, but “People”, Places” and “Things” are grey, which probably means, that these resources are not in my library. In my library are 60 books. Among them I could not find such a title. My question is, where can I get those resources? I’d be most thankful, if you could gave me an answer.

  8. The tutorial is gone! How do I find it?

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