14 – Layouts

In this video we look at layouts: saving layouts so we can come back to them later, linking resources so that when one scrolls the other scrolls, changing where hyperlinks open, changing the text size in one or all resources, using reading view or floating windows to maximise your reading experience, and finally some power tips that you can use to create your own layouts.

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  1. I am a late newcomer to Logos4 . When I bought it 4 months ago, I got SESB version 3 with the instruction manual for that version. But then , when I started using it in February, I was glad to update to Logos 4. Therefore my instruction book is of no use for this new version. But I am very glad, that there are various tutorials about Logos 4 in the web. I just found out about your tutorial and think it is the best I found. I just started with your tutorial # 14 to learn more about the layouts. But I think this is still too advanced for me. I will start with one of your earlier videos and hope to learn more about Logos 4.

  2. Dan says:

    I just wanted to point out that if you have more than one monitor, floating panels are a great way to use all that real estate. In my Bible Study layout that I use, I put all the Biblical Places, Things, and People on the second monitor so I can easily refer to genealogy and maps while reading.

  3. Robert Iversen says:

    Simply outstanding video and very helpful. Thank you, Lord, for a great teacher such this person who did this video. I really needed some quick visual help and this was outstanding. What a blessing. It is really quite simply once you see it in action.

  4. David H. Preuss II says:

    Just what I needed to come up to speed. Answered all my questions and then some. The program is wonderful. The instruction helps maximize the built in benefits. And in agreement w/ others, beings this is all about the Word of God, what a huge blessing this translates to! Thank you so much for the awesome video!

  5. Bootjack says:

    This video is kicking out about 13-14 minutes into it. As it approaches, say about the 14th minute, it stops and shows itself completed. Thus it skips over to the end for whatever reason.

    • Mark Barnes says:

      Neither the download nor the Vimeo player are causing problems for me? If the player is not working properly, have you tried the download (just above the player)?

  6. Bootjack says:

    Today is a new day Mark. Whatever the problem was yesterday, it has decided to make a disappearing act, for all is working now problem. I have seen a video stick before and (I’ll call it the cursor at the bottom of the video) will remain in the stopped area, but never jump to the very end of the video without playing it in full. Weird and wonderful. Anyway, everything is ok now and again, you’ve done more than a splendid job with these videos. Thank you Mark!!!

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