New versions of Logos 4

Since the launch of Logos Bible Software 4, there have been several updates. These videos were produced to demonstrate the new features in some of the most important updates.

If you watch these videos online, you should click the fullscreen icon to view. The icon looks like four arrows, and it's at the bottom-right of each video. If you download these videos, they play best in Apple's Quicktime. They're top quality, full HD (1280x720) videos.

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3 Responses to New versions of Logos 4

  1. char kilgore says:

    i watched your tutorial on 4.0b, but when i opened the file menu I didn’t have a prayer list.

  2. Wonderful explanation of the features within 4.1. Thank you for the insight into ideas for sentence diagramming. Worth watching.

  3. jason says:

    How do you drag to select in the diagramming tool?

    thank you,

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