Introducing Logos 5

This video introduces the new features in Logos 5.

It covers:

  1. Updated Home Page (free)
  2. New Library features (free)
  3. New visual filters:
    1. Speaker labels (requires CD,  MC, or Silver+)
    2. Timeline events (requires CD,  MC, or Starter+)
  4. New search features:
    1. Search helps (free)
    2. Sympathetic highlighting (free)
    3. Root searches (requires reverse-interlinears)
  5. Clause Search (requires MC, or Silver+)
  6. Share/Undelete/Sort documents (free)
  7. Bibliographies (free)
  8. Scripture Memory Tool (free)
  9. Resource Previews (free)
  10. Bible Facts tool, including events (Bible Facts is free if you have an L4 base package/minimal crossgrade, otherwise it’s in  CD,  MC, or Starter+. Events requires CD,  MC, or Starter+)
  11. Bible Sense Lexicon  (requires MC, or Gold+)
  12. Timeline (requires CD,  MC, or Starter+)
  13. Typography Settings (free)
  14. New sections in Information Panel
    1. Translation (requires reverse-interlinears)
    2. Referent (requires CD,  MC, or Silver+)
  15. Open/Sort Saved Guides (free)
  16. New ‘Outlines’ section in Passage Guide (CDMC, or Bronze+)
  17. New detail in Exegetical Guide
    1. Sense (requires MC, or Gold+)
    2. Syntactic data (requires Lexham SGNT. If you don’t have it from L3/L4 it’s in MC and Bronze+)
  18. Update to Bible Word Study
    1. Sense (requires MC, or Gold+)
    2. Roots (requires reverse-interlinears)
    3. Phrases (requires CD,  MC, or Bronze+)
  19. Sermon Starter Guide (requires CD,  MC, or Bronze+)
  20. Topic Guide (free if you have an L4 base package/minimal crossgrade. Otherwise it’s in  CD,  MC, or Starter+)

If you upgrade to a new base package, you get many additional resources in addition to the new functionality. It is possible to combine upgrades (e.g. you could purchase L5 Bronze and the Minimal Crossgrade), but do do this in the cheapest way, purchase the base package first, then separately purchase the Crossgrade later (you’ll get an automatic reduction).

12 Responses to Introducing Logos 5

  1. Thierry Hirschy says:

    Super présentation, mais pour un français… se serait tellement plus facile dans ma propre langue.
    Merci pour votre super travail.

  2. Alexander Hansson says:

    Mr. Tutorialmaker!
    You’re totally amazing. I am from Sweden and I can clearly understand your English. I will definitely watch all of your videos! You have a very pleasant voice to listen to. May God bless you.

    P.S. I am extremely grateful.

  3. Rick Abshier says:

    Thanks for your great videos!

  4. Joel Madasu says:


    Thanks for the video! It is VERY helpful 🙂
    Do you know where the Biblical Referents Database is? Is this an additional feature?


  5. everett says:

    Thank you very much for all your hardwork on these tutorials. I decided to go with Logos 5 after watching this. Thanks so much.

  6. Gary Pajkos says:

    This was absolutely fabulous. This is just what I have been looking for!!! Thank you so very much.

  7. Steve Jones says:

    I notice you do alot of videos geared toward sermon prep/bible study. Since you are a PhD student can you give some helpful tips to us in seminary whao try to use this for research purposes? I do have journal libraries on here, it is just hard to sift through the results and try to narrowe down results when you get 1,100 results in 750 articles. There is just too much to sift through. A video tutorial on using Logos 5 for scholarly research would be fantastic.

  8. Colin Mitchell says:

    Thanks Mark, excellent practical tuition. How do you switch to type in Greek or Hebrew?

  9. William says:

    easiest to type g:greek or h:hebrew phonetically ie g: agape…..or h: amar…..or download the greek and hebrew keyboards that logos provides. search keyboard and install them…..its straight forward.

  10. Brandon Early says:

    You planning on putting together logos 5 tutorials?

    • Mark Barnes says:

      Hi Brandon. I had intended to do some Logos 5 tutorials, but Logos signed me up to help with their Mobile Education programme. Unfortunately that hasn’t left me time to create more Logos 5 tutorials for this site. That may change in the future, but in the short term I’m afraid I just don’t have the time. Sorry.

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