What people say…

Here’s a selection of some of the unsolicited comments the Logos 4 tutorial videos have received.

I just took the time to watch each video. Outstanding … absolutely, outstanding. I’ve used Logos for years but continue to learn how people incorporate into their study. I really appreciated your approach and see how a philosophy of textual importance is just as important as how to use the tool. (S.N.)

Thanks for the videos! I have been using Logos 3 for several years but am only starting to see it’s full potential with the help of your videos. (B.W.)

Thanks so much for these videos!  They are they best and most informative I have seen thus far.  Loving them!  Thanks!!! (C.)

A great video, just like all the others. I very much appreciate the time and effort you put into making these tutorials; they help me a lot. (T.M.)

I simply must say… you are awesome! Thanks for providing the videos! (A.K.)

I am new to Logos and just discovered your video tutorials. They have been invaluable to helping me understand how to get the most out of such a fabulous resource. I never imagined Bible study could be this quick and easy! I pray the Lord will bless your efforts with much fruit as together we strive to make a difference both for time and eternity. (J.)

I hope to see you make more of these excellent videos–thanks, I’m a fan… (C.)

I found your tutorial links on the Logos website. I was so excited to watch these expert, detailed and painstakingly prepared tutorials. I have learned a lot just by watching your videos. And I am sure many, like me, will find your videos benificial. I whole heartedly appreciate your (free) service. May the Lord continue to bless your work. (K.)

kudos again for an excellent overview. I have watched all you other videos; many thanks for the great content and especially for explaining your thought process behind how you set up your layout(s) and prepare your sermons. (T.M.)

I discovered your Logos tutorials just before Christmas. There is no way to express the joy these videos are providing me. The videos are exceptional and Logos is a fine program. (A.P.)

You’ve taught me at least 20 things that were amazing on going through my library. God bless you and keep up the great work. I’ve attended to Camp Logos seminars… and I think you’ve covered more ground in some areas than they have… My favorite word when I see what you did is “wow”. That is pretty cool. (E.F.)

Allow me to express my gratefulness for your Logos videos. I recently transferred from L3 to L4beta (Mac) & have never fully utilized the program. You made tools such as collections, clippings, etc. practical. (E.K.)

Very helpful Mark thank you. (J.F.)

I have watched your videos and really appreciate them and the time you have put into them. (K.L.)

This is a VERY helpful video! Thank you very much! (J.M.)

Thank you so much for your contribution and dedication into the production of these instructional videos as they have been incredibly helpful introducing me to many of Logo’ major functions. Also, the features covered in the video are well presented in detail. Again, thank you so much for investing time into this effort! (R.F.)

REALLY appreciate your VERY helpful videos, Mark. Makes me feel like there is HOPE of mastering it someday… I’m thankful for this learning time in advance of getting the completed edition of L4 from Logos. Thank you again! (R.S.)

Your videos on sermon prep were extremely helpful in helping me organize workspace and create collections that efficiently helped me do my Bible studying… Thank you so much for your help to me for making Logos more user friendly. (V.S.)

You’ve done a great job with these videos, Mark. Thanks for your work. (J.S.)

You’re doing a great job with these Mark. I am very impressed with the comprehensive way you are explaining each feature. (F.C.)

Bless you for your commitment to produce this video series. Excellent video. Very clear and easy to follow. I particularly liked the added explanations of what was going on whilst the screen was unchanged. An added bonus for me was the unhurried pace of narration and the easy-on-the-ear accent. I look forward to more. (A.M.)

I just finished watching both video’s Mark: PHENOMENAL! I think you’re doing a great job. (T.B.)

Thank you Mark so very much for all those wonderful tutorials you create. (B.W.)

Phenomenal, Mark! I learned some new things… People who watch your videos are going to become experts. This is so awesome! (R.P.)

May I heartily recommend the Logos 4 video tutorials of Mark Barnes. They are packed with information that helps me take full advantage of L-4. (B.B.)

Thanks for the Lesson. Excellent. (L.)

I would like to add my thanks for the helpful videos and posts. They are greatly appreciated and have enhanced my Logos experience considerably. (S.M.)

I have really learned a lot from Mark’s videos in particular, and look forward with eager anticipation to his next one (D.C.)

I just wanted to thank you for your helpful Logos 4 videos you have taught me most everything I know about the program. (B.)

I’d like to second all the praise for your outstanding videos Mark (J.B.)

I can’t thank you enough for these videos! I was feeling a bit over my head with Logos. I am to preach my first sermon ever in a week and a half and I now feel like I’ll be prepared. Thanks so much! (B.H.)

I’ve watched almost every one of your videos (think I have 2 to go) and every one has changed the way I use Logos in some fashion.  Thanks for putting in the time to do them! (J.M.)

your video tutorials are the best (E.R.)

Thanks for all the videos especially – extremely helpful (J.W.)

Being a new purchaser of Logos software and a Lay leader in my own church… it was a delight and a wonderful education at the same time watching your videos!… You obviously have a gift for teaching! (T.G.)

These videos are such a help! Thanks for all your hard work. It is appreciated! (C.)

Your videos are excellent and appreciated (J.F.)

I learn so much from all his videos. Of course I learn a great deal on the subject. But on each video he’ll be just casually mentioning something else briefly that you can do, And I have an “I had no idea you could do that too with L4.” Or a “I wonder if I have that resource.” Being relatively new to L4, and knowing no one else personally who owns it, the old saying “99% of my education is self-inflicted” applies to me… Mark’s way of explaining complex things in a way everyone can understand reminds me of one of my favorite secular sayings: “Truly great people will make you believe you can be great also” (D.J.)

Great series! Thanks very much for your hard work. (A.H.)

I just wish these last two videos of yours (and whatever else is coming) had been there a month and a half ago when I needed them most. Would have saved me so much time! Logos really ought to hire you to do this. Your videos are at least 10 times better than theirs! (F.G.H.)

Thanks for this series. It has been instructive on several levels. (K.)

Great work, Mark! Awesome quality, clarity and pedagogical approach. Thank you so very much! (A.H.)

Thank you so much for your videos… The videos have been a blessing to get up and running again with the software. (D.)

Thanks for ALL these videos – very informative & practical. Our LOGOS experience has taken yet another huge leap forward. (R.C.)

Wonderful videos! They are very interesting to watch and most helpful. I enjoy the fact that they are not 30 seconds long but actually are full length tutorials! Great job and please continue to post more. (J.)

Thanks so much!  I have learned something about Logos and about scripture study with each one I’ve watched.  I appreciate how much effort you put into guiding us… (K.A.)

the more i watch the more things sink in… another value of your videos is that you are not just isolating one trick or function, but we are seeing how several of them work together… Putting them together as in your videos, I can more easily visualize the flow. (D.D)

Thank you very much for the videos, they are superb and extremely helpful. (S.C.)

Thanks so much for this Mark. I found it very helpful. (R.B.)

Mark, thank you very much for the time and effort needed to create these and I want to especially thank you for emphasizing the need to let the biblical text speak to you before resorting to other tools… I loved your methodology for note taking. (T.P.)

I want to let you know how much I appreciate you making these Logos videos available. They are so informative and don’t assume much of the viewer which is great. They have been much more helpful to me than even the videos on the Logos support site. I hope you will be making more in the future. I’m finally getting the hang of this powerful program, thanks to you! (B.L.)

Thank you for your videos, they were very helpful to me! I appreciate your efforts to share these with us. (L.P.)

Thanks for these wonderful videos. It has made Logos 4 understandable. I am also using them to train colleagues… Thanks for your great work on this!! (J.D.)

This is the best training for Logos 4 that I have seen! Thanks again for the great videos! (B.G.)

Thanks SO MUCH for your videos.  It has really helped me in setting up and using Logos 4. (E.)

Great videos. The best I’ve seen. (J.)

I want to thank you for your awesome videos, I have learned a quite bit so far and wish that you would add more in future. (D.V.)

These videos are wonderful!!! I’ve watched them all at least once and will be returning for review from time to time. Give us more, more, more!! Thanks, Mark. Great job!!! (L.R.)

This was fabulous.  You really improved my usage of L4. (G.P.)

Thanks for these very useful videos. I am a fan of them. (R.)

Thx for the videos, it is excellent, i was really frustrated, but now i see the light at the other end. Please make all the other videos!!!!! (J. v. N.)

Helpful resource. Thanks! (J.H.)

You have done an awesome job on this video. (A.D.)

Thanks Mark, I’ve been trying to understand Logos Bible software for a long time and this video has given more insight or understanding than any thing else I’ve tried. Very helpful. (W.)

Thanks Mark your videos are wonderful (S.W.)

Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare this teaching video.  It was super-helpful to me. (J.K.)

VERY, VERY, helpful, Mark… You picked up on some details I had no idea were there!–and I “live” in Logos daily as I prepare sermons and Bible Studies for our little church. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I have played and replayed your videos from the beginning of L4, your series on Sermon Prep was tremendously helpful when L4 was first launched–it got me up and running quickly. Thank you again! (R.S.)

Loving these videos, they are very well done and helpful. (R.)

Again, very well done. I can see you are well acquainted with this software and that you are well-gifted as a teacher. Thanks much. (W.W.)

Following your tutorials really makes the software and Bible study come to life for this amateur (D.C.)

I’ve owned Logos for well over a year now and have used it most every day … sometimes for hours … and yet have found great benefit from your videos with even just the simplest ideas that you bring up.  I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for making these free of charge.  They are quite expertly done. (D.S.)

Thank you so much… I discovered helpful nuances that had escaped me. Very helpful. (K.)

Thanks for the videos, Mark! I just bought the program and your work has unlocked a lot of powerful tools and features. I look forward to learning more from your future videos! (R.O.)

Simply want to affirm along with the rest that these tutorials are truly a blessing. Logos 4 is incredibly powerful, but to really grasp how much you can accomplish with it, for people like me, these videos are priceless. So thankful and encouraged that you have chosen to serve this way. I’ll be recommending these to my fellow laborers. Thank you Mark! (M.D.)

Another FANTASTIC VIDEO!  Thanks so much for all your effort! (C.)

Wonderful explanation of the features within 4.1. Thank you for the insight into ideas for sentence diagramming. Worth watching. (C.H.)

Thank you for showing us how to make the best use of Logos. (P.K.)

I never realised how much you could do till I watched these videos so thank you very much! (T.W.)

Great tutorial.  My wife bought Logos for me and I’m having a ball at learning how to use the program! (M.W.)

Extremely helpful, clear, and concise!  It is like opening up a new world to me.  Thank you for your time, your effort, and your ministry. (B.)

God bless you for the time and patience you have invested in helping us enjoy and utilize Logos. I am brand new to the software and cannot thank you enough for your videos. Far better training than I have found anywhere else. Thank you for being such a valuable resource as I begin this new adventure in Bible study! (M.)

Fantastic – thank you!  Helps me to understand all that Logos can do! (P.K.)

THANKS SO MUCH for the videos which helps immensely, without them I would NOT be using this software. (P.)

Great! Thanks for the time and effort you’ve put in… Your tutorials have made Logos much more useful for me and I’ve let other Logos users know about this site. (C.M.C.)

This was so useful. Took me an hour as I wanted to stop and do the example on my Logos and each time then moved on to the next exercise. Thanks so much. You made it so clear. (J.)

God bless you sir and to Him be the glory. You have found a unique way of not only feeding a man but giving him the understanding to feed himself. Congratulations and God bless you. Continue your production at your leisure and know that we all will be waiting. Thank You. (S.M.)


Excellent tutorial. I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am to your gift.  Your a blessing…thank you so very much. (A.V.)

Thank you also for the many great training videos that you have made available. Many of them have been a great help in my efforts with Logos 4! (R.D.)

I think Mark Barnes has done a terrific job with free videos. (J.)

I wanted to just drop you a note to thank you very much for your training videos. I have watched all of them – all 8+ hours of them – and have found every minute of them useful. I can imagine that they probably took dozens, if not over 100 hours in total to put together, and I can’t thank you enough for offering them for free. (D.R.)

This was absolutely fabulous.  This is just what I have been looking for!!! (G.P.)

That was a breathtaking tour de force in doubletime!… I look forward to more of your great videos on additional features and ways to use them. (T.M.)

Our customers love your videos! (sales rep at Logos)

Your videos are simply outstanding.  I wanted to thank you and say how much they have helped me.  Thank you a thousand times over! (R.L.)


Mark’s video was great.  That fellow is borderline genius.  Seriously, he comes up with some very creative ways to use L4… My sincerest thanks to Mark for sharing and to the rest of the L4 forum community for sharing and pointing us to the great things that others have shared. (D.)

New to Logos 4 and i immensely enjoyed all of your videos… I learned alot from your videos and learned some thing to help streamline and make my study time and sermon preparation more efficient. (J.T.)

Mark, your videos are just superb! As you can see, you have a full second ministry to the Logos forum folk, and their congregations. (T.P.J.)

I just wanted to thank you… I appreciate the time you take to produce these very helpful videos… after your video, I see that there are some great new functional tools that I will use frequently. (S.K.)

This video is more useful than the ones on the website. (R.)

I purchased Logos some few ago, but never make any bible study through  it as the interface was very difficult to use… Then, I happen to came to your website. IT WAS A REAL DELIVERANCE, YOUR VIDEO MAKE UNDERSTAND. PRAISE THE LORD. NOW I UNDERSTAND HOW LOGOS 4 IS AN EXCELLENT BIBLE SOFTWARE.  Brother, you have been a real blessing. Please continue, may the Lord bless your ministry. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. (K.Y.L.Y.H.)

Thank you so much Mark. Your last three videos have been a great help. (K.L.)

Thanks Mark! Another great and helpful video. (R.K.)

another great video Mark. thanks again! (L.J.)

If you have not watched the videos Mark produces you are missing out! He does a wonderful job explaining and demonstrating the tools and features in L4. I encourage everyone to give them a look. (F.C.)

Thank you. As always, you produce the best tutorials possible. (D.K.)

I am always impresses with the content, your approach and quality of your videos (A.H.)

Logos should hire you as an adjunct to make more of these – they’re very useful… (J.H.)

Thanks so much… Logos really should have you do more of these.  You’re a wonderful teacher! (K.A.)

Thank you, Mark.  I’ve learned something new from each of your videos.  Great job! (P.S.)

Your videos are a blessing. (L.G.)

Thanks again Mark! Your videos are outstanding! (A.H.)

Great video, Mark! You are a gift to the logos community and the family of Christ. (R.O.)

thanks so much. These videos were very helpful. I have taught SS for 20 years and recently decided to begin seminary to try to be a better SS teacher. Your videos, esp on notes and the initial phase of Bible study were particularly helpful. (S.C.)

Your videos are always a big help and a great blessing. Thanks for them! (B.F.)

Thanks so much for producing the tremendously helpful videos. My use of Logos-4 will be much more efficient because of the tips I have learned while looking over your shoulder! (R.)

I learn a great deal from all the Help/ Wiki/ Vid.Tut/ Forums, but I think I learned more this morning watching that video than I’ve learned about reverse interlinear before combined. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (D.J.)

These videos are excellent! I am amazed at how clearly you present what you do and show how to do it in Logos. (F.G.)

Mark, take this seriously, the problem with your videos is… there is not enough of them!!! Without a doubt your videos are some of the best videos on Logos 4.  God is using your work to bless many believers.  I have long wished Logos would do videos like the ones you are doing. After watching your videos I am sure Logos needs to improve their educational skills about Logos 4, and then more people would get more out of their programs and they would share that with others, who would be encouraged to buy a Logos program for themselves. God is blessing me through the work He has you doing and I praise Him for that! (J.V.)

Usually when something is labelled “unofficial” it means you’ll be getting something overly amateur or blatantly sub-par in contrast to the “official”. This is not the case here. Awesome videos. As time allows, please make more. A ridiculous amount more. Thanks. (J.G.)

Outstanding videos. Thanks so much. I’m in Seminary now and just bought Logos… this helps so much. (K.)

Some more thanks for these videos- they really are excellent! (J.)

Thank you for the videos! I am a long-time Logos user and I had a workflow I was happy with in Logos 3. Unfortunately I have felt so lost in version 4. Your videos have been incredibly valuable in helping me find a usable process. Thank you!! (A.H.)

His are the clearest, most concise, easiest to follow, and most helpful of any I’ve seen. Thank you, Mark! (T.P.J.)

This was a fantastic series. Instead of telling us how Logos works, you’ve told us how to use it, which is why we all buy it. It took me hours to go through these videos because I kept pausing them and going to Logos and trying things out and using your ideas to set my workspace up. Thanks so much my brother. (J. M.)

All I can say well done, i am impressed. Very educational. (S.W.)

Thank you so much. I have been an inductive bible student for a long time but the use of computer and esp, Logos is new to me. I am glad you showed the section on a personal inductive study first to allow the Holy spirit to speak to me first and to get “into my head” what I’m studying.… Being in the “older learner” category, I appreciate anything I can get into my head! (M.)

Mark, Wow! Very grateful and looking forward to these new features so beautifully explained. And your voice quality and delightful accent enable me to follow very closely what you describe and demonstrate! (T.P.J.)

Your videos are great… very helpful for beginning preachers/teachers… I’m certainly glad I found your site. (M.P.)

Brilliant video Mark.  It has helped me tremendously… Thanks for taking the time to put the video together. (M.S.)

Your work is very well done and greatly appreciated!… you do good work!

Mark, Thanks for a great video. I have looked at all of the videos on Logos and while they were helpful your video made a lot of things click. Thank you again. (F.S.)

Your Logos videos are the best I’ve seen anywhere. I am a pretty avid Logos user and still learn new things with every video you post. Thank you for your help. (J.)

Mark, thank you for that very informative and useful video. It was/is very helpful and I’m probably going to refer to it several times as I start coming up to speed in L4. (B.S.)

I can’t thank you enough for presenting these videos. I greatly appreciate the thought process that you describe as you work through a problem… Also, your videos on sermon preparation are magnificent. Thank you. (D.P.)

Outstanding!… Thanks, Mark. (J.K.)

Thank you for taking the time to make these videos and for your input at the Logos.com forums. Each is greatly appreciated! I’m pigishly hungry for more (J.R.W)

Very nice. Logos needs to hire you to make their official videos. (J.G.)

Thanks for such wonderful videos… Thanks for the work you put into it. (P.C.)

Thanks for the video. I learn something new everytime I watch one of your videos.Your labor of love is greatly appreciated. (S.S.)

I want to thank you for your work in producing your Logos 4 videos. Brother, I am in the process of watching every of them and I am very grateful for your efforts. Please know they have been appreciated and I am praying that your efforts bring about all that God has planned for you in every way. (I.P.)

Why are these “unofficial”?… if any videos ever deserved official presentation by Logos, then these do… These videos are superb and Mark Barnes should be rewarded for his efforts in my opinion. (S.M.)

Thanks so much for preparing those video – they were so helpful and challanged me to dig deeper in the possibilities of Logos. (M.)

Thank you for taking the time to produce these high quality videos. This is my second time through this video series and I am thrilled at their value to me in my daily bible study. (D.F.)

Thank You for taking so much pain to prepare these videos. I have seen all of them. All are excellent. Hope You will bring more. (J.J.V.)

Just amazing Sir.  Your efforts are so appreciated as they help us tremendously and enable us to enjoy/utilize Logos so much more.  Thank you for your time and hard work. (M.G.H.)

thanks for your labor in putting these tutorials together – they have helped me immensely. You truly are “a workman that needeth not to be ashamed!” I’m hoping that these tutorials become the “official” tutorials! (M.)

Truly awesome, thanks for your time and dedication with the videos… (K.T.)

Thanks for your excellent videos, they are much better and more up to date than the official Logos videos; you have taught me so much! I sure pray you will be able to continue producing them! (R.P.)

All of these videos have been great!  Thanks for taking time to put them together – a big help! (J.H.)

I discovered your blog through the Internet when I was looking for useful instructional videos on how to make better use of my Logos version 4. I hope you will not think me condescending when I say that you do an outstanding job. Thanks to you I can now make better use of the great tools that God has so graciously provided for me. Thank you. (R.M.L.)

Your videos have made the transition to Logos 4 possible for me. Thank you so much for your efforts and the encouragement I have received. (R.H.)

I must thank you for all of the videos and support you provide on this forum.  You are truly a blessing brother! (M.J.)

Thanks for your help as I work through the challenges of Logos 4! Your videos have been invaluable and your comments helpful. I appreciate your helping this old dog learn some new tricks. (R.H.)

I have found all your videos extremely helpful, taking me much further than the official ones. I feel my understanding of the programme is growing, making it a much more useful tool for me personally. Thank you for the enormous amount of time that you have put in. (M.W.)

Thanks so much for making this section a lot clearer. I have greatly enjoyed your videos. The videos have help me understand Logos 4  better and given me some handles in learning the software. May the Lord richly bless you and the servant heart you display in helping others like me become a better steward in learning God’s Word. (D.H.)

Mark, I want to thank you for the wonderful tutorial videos you put out. I only bought Logos this year and your videos have helped me enormously. (T.F.)

I just wanted to thank you for your production of the logos videos… I recently purchased Logos 4 and have found your videos extremely helpful! (H.J.B.)

Excellent! In my opinion, very helpful,…. very clear, easy to understand and comprehensive. Thank you so much and may God bless you for your service to his church. (D.C.)

Thank you very much; this was most helpful and informative.  You made a lot of things available that are not immediately evident. (P.K.)

I recently came across some of your videos on Logos 4 and have been greatly helped by them thus far.  I’m looking forward to viewing (and sharing) more of them in the future. (J.R.G.)

Very good instruction… Thanks for sharing with us. (S.)

Thank you very much! I have followed all your videos and they have helped me get more out of my investment… I use [your suggestions] to help me re-enforce my knowledge of the use of the program (D.)

Thank you for posting this video.  I am constantly amazed at the power at our fingertips with Logos, if only we understood that it was there and how to access it. This video FINALLY made clear reverse interlinears, something I have wanted to understand for two years! You have blessed your viewers! (S.)

This is outstanding. (G.D.)

Thank you for the wonderful insight and sharing the way that you use LOGOS! The presentations are well done and provide incredibly useful insights. (C.H.)

Again, an amazing video.  You explain things so wonderfully!  Thanks so much!!! (C.)

Well done Brother. Thank you for taking the time and putting forth the effort in compiling these videos. They are helping me dig deeper into the Word every day. Keep it up!! (J.N.)

Mark, I can’t thank you enough for these wonderful videos. After I upgraded to Logos 4 I was lost and found that I wasn’t using it as often for my Bible study because I was just too confused. I had all these terrific resources but was so frustrated because I didn’t understand the new interface. But thanks to your videos… I have been able to jump back into Logos and instead of frustration I now feel satisfaction with what I have been able to accomplish thanks to you! (C.V.)

I must say your videos have been very helpful. I find you to be very clear in your explanation of the different topics, very much to the point, as opposed to being long-winded.  Looking forward to more videos from you. Many thanks. (W.W.)

Thank you so much for you work on these videos. I’m a Logos newbie and they have been extremely helpful. (M.E.)

I find your videos very helpful. I am new to preaching and my father bought me the logos 4 entire software. I have no clue how to take advantage of all its possibilities and therefore am grateful for your time and effort. (E.H.)

Excellent!… Thank-you for the instruction. The video answered all my questions and showed me more possibilities, as well! (G.)

Very helpful in understanding how these tools fit together in actual sermon preparation. I needed something so concrete and practical. I kept pausing the video to try out what you were doing. Up to now, I mostly just used the search and copy features, as well as some reading. Now, I can see how some of the tools actually are useful. (L.H.)

This is absolutely amazing! This would save me hours and hours of time. (G.C.)

A big thank you for these videos. Much better than the official clips. I’m looking forward to using Logos 4! (S.K.)

Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the time you put into those videos!  Practically everything I have learned about Logos is from YOUR videos.  It is a ministry in itself because I have to tell you that there were times I wanted to take a baseball bat to my computer!  Just short of the SLAM…I remember your videos and search for the topic I am looking for and listen to your voice that calms me down…and wouldn’t you know it…I find I can DO IT!  I have sent all my friends the links to those videos, because now they are trying to figure out how I know “so much” (Ha ha ha) about the program…and I tell them I pretty much learned everything I know from YOU!  Your step by step instructions are clear, concise, not overly wordy, and relevant to the topic at hand!  So…Thank you from the very depths of my heart!  You have been invited in my home for the past year, and you have been a wonderful guest!  (C.)

Thanks very much. These videos were very helpful as I began to use Logos. I really appreciate your work and would recommend these videos to people who wish to learn more about using Logos or sermon prep in general. (N.)

I’d like to thank you for all your videos, and all the help you give – it is very clear you have an excellent grasp of Logos, and what it can do for Bible Study. (D.)

Many thanks for all the work you’ve put into these videos. In an afternoon of watching your videos and playing in Logos I have tripled the usefulness of the software to me! (M.)