2 – First steps

This video covers the absolute basic of using Logos Bible Software: finding, opening and reading a book; the Home Page and “Go” button; setting your preferred Bible. It introduces the three guides: Passage Guide, Exegetical Guide and Bible Word Study, and demonstrates searching, before showing you how to resize and move panels and tabs.

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17 Responses to 2 – First steps

  1. Daryl Kopp says:

    A very helpful entry-level look around. A good first video to answer the question, “Now what?” Thank you.

  2. Lonnie Ritchie says:

    This gets us off to a great start with Logos 4. Thanks, Mark.

  3. Josh Hunt says:

    helpful resource. thanks!

  4. Rick Abshier says:

    Thanks so much for these very helpful videos!

  5. Willie says:

    Thanks Mark, I’ve been trying to understand Logos Bible software for a long time and this video has given more insight or understanding than any thing else I’ve tried. Very helpful. Thanks

  6. Kim says:

    Thank you so much for this great overview. I discovered helpful nuances that had escaped me. Very helpful.

  7. Maxine says:

    God bless you for the time and patience you have invested in helping us enjoy and utilize Logos. I am brand new to the software and cannot thank you enough for your videos. Far better training than I have found anywhere else. Thank you for being such a valuable resource as I begin this new adventure in Bible study!

  8. peggy says:

    Hello and THANKS SO MUCH for the videos which helps immensely, without them I would NOT be using this software. My question to you is how did you get 6 boxes or more to open as your study format? I have a large computer screen and I don’t need each of them to be so big. I can only get 4 at one time to open. I want 6 boxes. One for all my bibles I use in my study, one box for all my commentaries, one box for all the books I read, one for my prayer list and maybe one for the information box. The format layout is only 4 squares.

  9. Mark Barnes says:

    Peggy, you can create more ‘boxes’ (they’re called panels in Logos) by simply dragging tabs or new resources to the place in the layout you want them to appear.

  10. Chris Dixon says:

    I installed Logos 4 Home Library for windows and there are no books or resources whatsoever, only the home page. I email Logos and a reply came from Jerry Godfrey asking me to call him. Living in Australia I can’t call USA without expense. I have explained this but have recieved no answer. I have uninstalled Logos and reinstalled but still no cigar. what can I do to get Logos up and running

  11. Dale says:

    Very helpful

  12. Jim says:

    Chris, I ordered the Morris Proctor video camp AND the John Fallahee bundle ($45USD) – LearnLogos.com. I found both to be very valuable for a newbie, which is what I am. Obviously, the LearnLogos material is a better value since it is 1/4 the price of the Camp Logos. Also, since you are in Australia, you can download all the LearnLogos stuff whereas the Camp Logos has to be mailed to you. I would recommend either to get you started. I’m glad I have reviewed both – they helped me. LearnLogos also has free webinars 3 times a month. Lastly, there are a ton of free videos available also. I think Mark Barnes has done a terrific job with free videos. Blessings to you as your use this powerful product.

  13. Martijn Mugge says:

    Helpful overview. Unfortunately the Word Study Guide does not bring anything up on my Logos 4. Could this be because I don’t have any Greek or Hebrew resources? I do have about 6 English Bibles on Logos so if I need to change some settings to get the Word Study Guide to work then please let me know.

  14. Rejean says:

    Hi Mark or anyone who can help me.
    I got Logos 4 and I would like to download your videos so I can learn offline (no internet where I’m gona stay).
    I click download but it does not download?
    I did download QuickTime from Apple, what should I do next?

  15. Tom Clayton says:

    I’m new to Logos. I have Logos 5 running on Win 7. I’ve downloaded the video and it runs but I don’t get any audio. I’m using Win Media Player, I’ve checked the download audio volume, my computer volume, and still don’t get anything. Suggestions?

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