9 – Highlighting

Highlighting allows you to mark up a Bible or other resource as if you’re using a highlighting pen. In this video we see how to apply and erase highlighting, and how to use keyboard shortcuts to make highlighting even easier. We look at creating custom highlighting palettes and styles, how to turn highlighting on or off in a resource. We finish by restricting a search to only highlighted text, and adding highlighted verses to a passage list.

[vimeo type=video id=16901863]

2 Responses to 9 – Highlighting

  1. Jerry Klemm says:

    You mentioned covering visual filters in a later video. Which video covers this topic? I’m not seeing it anywhere. In Logos 3, I was once reading a book, played around with (I believe) filtering and discovered that Logos would highlight main concepts in the book which greatly increased the speed in which I read it. I’d love to figure out how to do that in Logos 4— even if it was a total accident!

  2. Jimmy To says:

    Hi Mark,

    When I rename the highlight note (ex. John Solid Colors), then when I highlight again, it will produce a new highlight note (Solid Colors) but not in the same highlight note ?

    How can I keep highlight in the same highlight note?

    thanks a lot~~


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