6 – Favorites

This video shows four ways of creating favorites (and how to ensure whether they will always open to a specific point or whether they’ll open to their most recent position), how to delete and rename them, two ways of re-ordering favorites, how to create and organise folders, the difference between favorites and bookmarks, how to add web links and files as favorites, and how you can resize the apparently unresizeable favorites tool.

Uploaded: 12 Nov 2010, 3,103 views.

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11 Responses to 6 – Favorites

  1. Romulo says:

    Hi Mark,
    Thanks for these very useful videos. I am a fan of then.
    I would like to hear from you abut the real use of favorites. In what context do you use favorites? Which are your folders?

  2. Jim Keener says:


    Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare this teaching video. It was super-helpful to me.


  3. Wynton Williams says:

    I must say your videos have been very helpful. I find you to be very clear in your explanation of the different topics, very much to the point, as opposed to being long-winded. Looking forward to more videos from you. Many thanks.

  4. Mike Ward says:

    Great tutorial. My wife bought Logos for me and I’m having a ball at learning how to use the program!

  5. Tim Wilson says:

    Great stuff! One thing I figured out in watching you that others might find helpful. Since you can open files in other programs, you can also put a program in the bar. If you just drag an icon from your desktop onto Logos it can link to it. I’ve set it up so I’ve dragged Word in, so that if I want to open a new Word Document I can just press CTRL+1 and it starts a new document – pretty useful.

    I never realised how much you could do till I watched these videos so thank you very much!

  6. Adam Vine says:

    Excellent tutorial. I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am to your gift. Your a blessing…thank you so very much.

  7. Mark says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare this video; you are a gifted teacher.
    May the Lord bless you brother!

  8. Valentine Fadayomi says:

    Thanks again Mark, nicely done!

  9. Christopher says:

    Wow I’ve been trying to work this out so I can get on with my reading for my assignments. Thanks so much! Very simple, easy and informative! I’ve bookmarked your site in my logos so I know where to come if I get stuck again! :)
    Many thanks and blessings to you for your efforts!

  10. Corina says:

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